Saturday, August 1, 2009


Beach (with texture) - Nikon D40

In the past I have not posted my attempts to work with textures on my photos. I only wanted to put what I thought was my best work up here. And if I wasn't quite sure about something, it did not get posted. It didn't matter that someone else's eyes might see something I didn't. Or that, though it's not my style, someone else might like it.

But in this new age, where I post more frequently and write about things more personal, I am showcasing photos I'm not quite sure about. Because I think the attempt is as worthy as the final product. It says something about courage and hope.

Or maybe I'm just a little sentimental today. What do you think?

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Mana Moon Studios said...

I love the image and the texture you used - it reminds me of a childhood memory (grew up in Cali of course).

I understand your stretching your wings on your blog and think it's fabulous - it's wonderful to get to know the person behind the artist!

Love your new banner too, gorgeous!