Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hibiscus and Oleander - Sony Cybershot

This weekend was all about the geek TV marathon. I watched all of Heroes season three on Hulu. This season was a little weak, but so long as Sylar's around, I'm in. Can't wait to see how bad things get next season, what with Angela's terrible idea to **SPOILER** make Sylar think he's Nathan.

Then I pulled out my DVD of Firefly and watched those. Finished it off with a viewing of Serenity last night. I've seen those shows a hundred times and I still laugh out loud at the funny episodes ("Jaynestown" & "Our Mrs. Reynolds").

And yes, I am still bitter that Firefly never got a whole season while Dollhouse got picked up for a second. Fox is trying to make amends for screwing one show by giving an unearned pass to the other. I like Dollhouse well enough, but it doesn't come close to Firefly. Browncoats forever!


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind but I tagged you on my blog. I absolutely adore visiting your blog so when it came time to list my favorite blogs I just had to include yours. If you don't participate in tagging there's no problem. It is a a different type of tagging though which I found quite refreshing so you may enjoy it.♥

Chris said...

Oh, my first tag! Actually, I've been hoping somebody would tag me. How cool! Thank you!