Friday, March 13, 2009

Today Is Enough

Blue/Blue - Sony Cybershot

I've been trying to change my expectations a little, and my mindset a lot. Somewhere along the way, in the midst of working to get ahead and paying the bills and creating a life, I forgot to live it. I stopped smelling the roses. I stopped going with the flow. And, worst of all, I stopped going to the beach. I live in a beach community, where I'm ten minutes from the water at any given time, and I don't even see it any more. How did this happen? How did I get so wrapped up in the mechanics of life that I stopped seeing the art and the beauty of it?

So my challenge now is to change what have become habits and tendencies. And for me this is a challenge because I am a very strong, willful person, so changing my own characteristics is difficult. But I never used to be like this, so perhaps merely finding the girl I once was will be easier than if she was never there at all.


Mana Moon Studios said...

I can relate to every word you wrote so much, it's as though you plucked the thoughts from my mind. I agree with you though, it has to be easier to find ourselves again since we already were those people.♥

Chris said...

I know I'm not alone in this. It seems as though life is determined to turn us all into work-a-day robots!