Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Apricot Hibiscus - Nikon D40

Susannah at Ink On My Fingers recently posted an exercise about favorite words. Then she assigned those interested with a letter and instructed us to list our favorite words starting with that letter. Here's what I came up with.

- Contradiction: I like it best when pronounced with a Spanish accent. Watch this trailer for Vicky Christina Barcelona and you'll know what I mean. It probably doesn't hurt that it's Javier Bardem saying it.

- Chrysalis: such a gorgeous sounding word - the sharp C with the double S's - I could say it for no reason at all, just to hear it.

- Create: one of the most important words I know; the heart of every day, to create something, anything.

- Coast: my favorite place in the world to be, by the water.

- Constellation: I always love looking up at the stars.


Mana Moon Studios said...

What a fun exercise and so many of my favorite words... coast, constellation, create... oooh, I feel a new creation forming in my mind! ;-)

Chris said...

It was fun to write. I love having an assignment, guidelines to follow. I find it more inspiring than just free writing.