Sunday, March 8, 2009


Caspian Tide - Nikon D40

A few weeks ago I was checking out my favorite blogs, one of which is Mana Moon Studios. Sharon had just posted photos of her newest piece, Caspian Tide. I gasped and stared at it for what had to be five minutes. How could she have made the most perfect necklace for me, without even knowing it? I emailed her as fast as I could, asking if it was still available - you see she makes only one of a kind pieces - and how could I buy it. She immediately sent me back a link to the necklace, and I was crestfallen to see that it was too short for me. Now, here's where things really start to get magical. Sharon offered to lengthen the necklace for me at no extra charge! Isn't she amazing?

So then I come down with bronchitis and I'm feeling really pathetic, and what arrives in the mail but my gorgeous Caspian Tide - customized for me. And let me tell you it fits perfectly! I think that made me feel even better than the medicine my doctor gave me!

So I have started my Mana Moon jewelry collection - and cannot wait to add to it! Head on over there and check it out for yourself. I know you'll fall in love with their pieces just like I have.


Anonymous said...

Oh Chris what an absolutely delightful writeup! I'm so happy you love the necklace and it was my pleasure to create it "just for you". ;-)

I never thought of our creations as medicinal, hmmm... you may have a new marketing concept there, LOL!
Thanks again!♥

Chris said...

I do love it! And I get compliments on it every time I've worn it.

Anonymous said...

That is just gorgeous. The greenish blue is one of my favorite colors.

I love jewelry that looks as if it was made for a vacation.