Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Melange

Melange - Nikon D40 with 55mm lens

I love this challenge because it takes me out of my comfort zone. I prefer not jumble things up, but that's exactly what was called for. At first, I didn't like this flower combination. But the longer I sit with it, the more I come around.

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artangel said...

I love it Chris! The contrasting colours really make each other "pop".

Interesting that you felt out of your comfort zone, I quite like that myself, it can lead to some really interesting work!

I also adore the hydrangea photo in your post below - it's a real stunner!
Angie x

patk860 said...

i think it's gorgeous chris! i might advise to leave the comfort zone more often... you'll be surprised!

Chris said...

Thanks, ladies. I find I don't often sit with things that don't initially appeal to me. I just think "nope" and move right on. I have to go back to things I've kept but didn't love and give them another chance.

IM GIRL said...

I love your submission. I love things that are jumbled up and different, in art and people. I think it brings out all the best in both for a fabulous mix.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

These colors are gorgeous all tumbled together as they are- they really make each other POP!

priti.lisa said...

I love red and purple together!
Very Royal :)