Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lists: Favorite Words

Blue Sky and Palm Trees - Nikon D40 with 55mm lens

Last week was a mess, so there was no list post. This week's list is totally random. Some of these words I like because of their meaning, others because the sound nice or look pretty. Like I said, random. Here goes (in no particular order):

:: Hypotenuse
:: Serendipity
:: Believe
:: Hope
:: Cherish
:: Lavender
:: Awesome
:: Bodacious
:: Lugubrious
:: Zaftig
:: Create
:: Wisdom
:: Stupendous
:: Fantastic
:: Wily
:: Moxie
:: Breadth
:: Azure
:: Seraphim
:: Tangent
:: Quicksilver
:: Aubergine
:: Esoteric
:: The 'F' word (sorry, but it really is one of my favorite words - I use it often)
:: Phenomenal
:: Solemnity
:: Ghost
:: Fortitude
:: Power

What are your favorite words?


luthien said...

LOL!! the f word indeed! :) i do that too and also the s word ... probably 2 of my favs ;P ooo there are a few words on your list that's pretty interesting ... i would google them :)

Chris said...

Seriously, the F-word might be my all time favorite. I use it waaaay too much. I have a whole list of words in other languages that I'll post someday. And this is just the start of my English favs. I really, really like words. Could be why I talk so much. ;-)