Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lists: Guitar Gods

Look At That Blue - Nikon D40 with 55mm lens

I am a music lover. I can't play an instrument or sing to save my life, but I've got good ears and I love a blistering guitar solo. So here's my list of Guitar Gods, in order of worship.

1. Eric Clapton - The greatest guitar player ever. His solo on the original version of "Layla" pretty much says it all. Slowhand is a virtuoso, made even more interesting my his willingness to try new styles, while always paying tribute to the blues he loves most.

2. Eddie Van Halen - Come on, I was an impressionable little music fan in the 80's. Of course I am going to pick him! The things he can do with a guitar will blow your mind.
Favorite song: Jump

3. Vince Gill - If you're not a fan of country music you might not even recognize this artist. If you are I don't need to tell you why he's amazing. I have all his CDs (from back when we still bought CDs). What he does with a guitar is complex, but he makes it look so easy.
Favorite Song: Tryin' To Get Over You

4. Jimi Hendrix - He may not have invented the electric guitar, but he showed everybody else how to play it. He was the original innovator. Who knows what he would have done, had his demons not conquered him.

5. Pete Townsend - I certainly don't like every song The Who ever recorded. But the guitar in "Baba O'Reilly" (better known as "Teenage Wasteland") is practically supernatural. Add in Keith Moon's lunatic drums and you've got a virtually perfect rock song.
Favorite Song: Baba O'Riley

6. Stevie Ray Vaughn - I am no expert on Texas boogie-rock, but I love damn near everything this man recorded in his short career. "The House Is Rockin" might be the single most fun song I've ever heard.
Favorite Song: Pride and Joy

So tell me I'm wrong, or tell me I'm right. Let's talk about music, kids.

(Click the Favorite Song titles to hear some of the greatest guitar ever played.)

1 comment:

peggy gatto said...

I'd pick the same!!!
Both my boys play guitar and I happen to love the music they did.....I used to wake up to "heading out to the highway", judas priest, coming from my son's room!
Dire straits has the best guitarists!!!!
thanks for the memory!!!