Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dip Your Wings

So it's about nine-thirty in the morning and I hear these planes flying low over my house. I recognize the sound of old military planes, so I run outside to see who's strafing my cul-de-sac. To my delight I see what I can only assume is a vintage airplane club flying patterns over the coast. So I grab my digital SLR, quickly but carefully attach the telephoto, and rush back outside, hoping they haven't left yet. They stayed for another fifteen minutes allowing me to take some fantastic shots, my favorites of which you see here. The sky was that perfect shade of blue and the air so clear, as if I had ordered it up that way. (These photos have not been retouched at all.) As they flew out of the area they headed north, directly over my house at about three thousand feet.

I have loved military planes since I was a kid, when my father took me to the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa for their annual air show. So, something like this, so unexpected and so cool, just made my day.


otter said...

I'm so with you on the military plane thing. I had to be physically dragged out of the Air Force museum in Dayton. SO COOL.

Chris said...

I need to go there - combining my total geek-love of history and military air power - I'd be in heaven. I'm trying to get to an airshow this Spring, either the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds.